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Trimming the Tree Christmas Crackers
Box of 5 Crackers

Artisan hand-made pewter Christmas ornaments -  stocking, wreathe, snowman, tree ornament, nutcracker

Finding the right tree was something my Dad took charge of every year. I went with him to the nursery and we looked and looked until we found the very best one on the lot! Once we carried it home though, it was my Mother who was the one to orchestrate the trimming of the tree! We had lovely old decorations, glass balls, stars and angels and some contained liquid which would bubble up and down when they warmed up. All were lovingly unpacked year after year.

"Trimming the Tree" crackers contain a variety of hand-crafted pewter ornaments - true keepsakes for generations to come. These crackers are lovely for the family table or for friend or corporate gifting. While it is our Cracker Elf Staff who make the crackers, the beautifully detailed pewter is created by a talented local craftsman. (retail value of each pewter piece without the cracker is: $13.00 + each)

Each Cracker contains:

:: Pewter Ornament packed in cloth pouch
:: 1 Paper Hat
:: 1 mouth-watering praline
:: Joke/charade/trivia/puzzle card

Packed into each shipping box
find one of each of the following:

:: History of the Christmas Cracker
:: Activity Sheet with Christmas Carols for your family sing-along.

Box of 5
Price: $99.50


* Shipped for receipt by December 10th

** Sorry, no early shipping


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New this Year!
We have taken some of the best elements of our famous
Christmas Activity Sheets and included them in our new
Joke/Trivia/Charade/Puzzle Sheet

We Elves take great pride in our
wide array of
brightly patterned
holiday paper hats!

The Elves Thank You for your kind business!


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