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Red, white and green paper chain kit
Candy Striped
Paper Chain Kit


As a kid, I loved anything to do with paper crafts - gluing, cutting, weaving whatever a 6 year old mind could think up!  One enduring craft I enjoyed throughout childhood was making colourful paper chains for our Christmas tree.  Once glued, I would drag the long chains across the floor and drape them onto the tree as high as my little arms could manage! 

Paper chain garlands are fun draped around windows and doorways or anywhere a little extra colour is desired.  And, in this day of electronics and plastic, computers and mobiles - isn't it wonderful to enjoy a little old-fashioned fun?

Strips are pre-gummed and come in solid and striped red and green pieces.  I think our Elves will be making some for the workshop this year!

Each Kit contains:

:: Approximately 250 strips of gummed paper - 4 colours


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1 Kit
- approx 250 strips

Price: $7.50

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1 Kit
- approx 500 strips

Price: $13.00

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* Shipped for receipt by December



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