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The Butler Didn't Do It!
Mystery Crackers

When Rakes, the butler, keeled over
soon after serving dinner
and, more to the point,
being poisoned,

the accusations begin to fly!

Who Did it?

Was it Svetlana, the Russian Ballerina?
Pickering, the stuffy aristocrat?
Or could it possibly be the bejewelled Mrs. Applebee?

10 Suspects in all ...

Who murdered the butler?

One thing's for sure ...

this time the butler

do it!

Plan your next British Mystery Dinner Party with Elves' Best new Mystery Crackers. Each guest will be supplied with the details of their character alias and share this with the other suspects in the room. When one dinner guest accuses another, the suspect is then put into handcuffs until he can absolve himself of the murder by reading out his character's defense.

Although geared more to adults, this game is uncomplicated and can be enjoyed by mixed age groups. The mystery is 'solved' purely through guessing rather than logic or reason making it suitable across a wide age group. Add to the fun by inventing details about your character or acting 'in-character'. Can YOU solve the mystery? WHO KILLED THE BUTLER? And, WHY?

NOTE: In case you would like to know ahead of your guests' arrival which cracker belongs to the 'murderer', we will pack that special cracker separately in your box before shipping. This way you can plan your mystery party strategically! Perhaps choose someone with a good poker face who won't give away his guilt too early on in the evening!

The Mystery Crackers will make a fun focus for your next party with friends or relatives... and are perfect to keep on hand at the cottage for those rainy days!

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: The basic mystery game is designed for 10 people. However, you can buy the crackers in quantities of 5 or 10. If you order just 5 crackers, then each one of them will contain 2 identities.

Have a larger group? We can extend the list of suspects to 15 in all.

:: " I am ... " Mystery Suspect ID Card
:: Suspect's Name Tag
:: Suspect's Icon
:: Paper Hat
:: Maple Candy
:: Mystery Activity Sheet with Agatha Christie cryptogram, murder trivia & and other fun!

:: 1 Pair of novelty handcuffs
:: Suspect Case Sheets to help you solve the murder.
:: Pencils with erasers

$6.50 each for 10 or 15 crackers
$7.50 each for 5 crackers


Minimum Order: 5 crackers
Maximim Order 15 Crackers

We are taking orders now - the first batch will be shipped out
May 3rd

January 1st through August 31st

to find your SHIPPING ZONE.

Box of 5
Butler Mystery Crackers - $37.50

Order Christmas Crackers USA Order Christmas Crackers  Canada

Box of 10
Butler Mystery Crackers - $65.00

Order Christmas Crackers USA  Order Christmas Crackers  Canada 

Box of 15
Butler Mystery Crackers - $97.50

Order Christmas Crackers USA  Order Christmas Crackers  Canada 

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