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We deliver to Canada & the USA. For other destinations, please EMAIL us for details.
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Contact us at:  info@elvesbest.ca

Phone:  705 644 0444

Please contact us by email or text message. We can reply much more quickly and fully by email than by phone! Thank You!

Outside Canada and the USA:

With a minimum of 6 weeks notice we will fill orders for the UK and Europe and some other points.

Christmas Crackers for the UK and Europe should be ordered by Sept. 15th.

Our Lovely Customers write...

Our Lovely Customers write...

I received the Crackers well ahead of time.

They were great and well received at my dinner party. Thank you very much.

L.D., Canada

Our Lovely Customers write...

Thank you for all the extra surprises inside my package! How wonderful it was to open the box and have more than I expected. I can hardly wait until we have our party to see what fun things are in the crackers! You are great at what you do! Thank you again!

D.H., Virginia

Our Lovely Customers write...

... Your crackers are the best!

Robyn B.
Indiana, PA

Our Lovely Customers write...

The crackers were lovely. My daughter played piano while we sang the carols. We all took turns telling our jokes then had a "race" to see who could finish the word search first but Grandma gave up on the word search and tried to 'steal' other people's cracker candies while we were all busy with puzzles - it took us a minute or two to catch on to her! This has been a part of our family Christmas tradition for 20 years, but these crackers are by far the most authentic and fun!

Monica M. ~ Schaumburg, IL

Our Lovely Customers write...

Your customer service is unparalleled.

J.C. ~ MD, USA

Our Lovely Customers write...

Hello Gillian:
My Christmas crackers arrived yesterday and I am MORE than excited now! They are amazing and your little extra touches are really sweet! Thanks for making our day more festive! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Jennifer M.

Our Lovely Customers write...

"The crackers may be the most beautiful I have ever seen. They will continue a tradition my Mother in Law started many years ago, something from her childhood in Glasgow, Scotland. This year my son is bringing a friend from Brazil for Thanksgiving dinner. Her first Thanksgiving, made extra special by little touches like the crackers. Thank you! Also, love the activities book. Fun!

~ Alice C. USA

Our Lovely Customers write...

The grandchildren really enjoyed them. The little ornaments inside were so cute. Thanks again,


Our Lovely Customers write...

Dear Gillian and Workshop Elves -

Your box arrived today and all of the crackers look great. I almost can't stop myself from trying them out early for the immediate gratification of discovering their hidden contents!

Thank you for your hard work and for also ensuring that my box arrived in a timely manner.

Best holiday wishes to you and yours,

S. Walker

Our Lovely Customers write...

Your crackers were such a hit at my Christmas dinner last year, I will have to make them a tradition.

V.G. - Ottawa, ON

Our Lovely Customers write...

The package has been picked up and its contents are already giving great pleasure. Thank you for everything including your solicitude up to the point of delivery!
You are a unique facility and I hope that you continue to go from strength to strength.

Roger E. - UK

Our Lovely Customers write...

I look forward to doing business with you again next year!
C.W. ~ UK

Our Lovely Customers write...

I wanted to let you know that my order from you arrived today. I have been eagerly awaiting the package since you let me know it was sent. It arrived in perfect condition and Thank you so much for the special touches of the personal card and the extra gifts! I must say you answered my purpose perfectly. My husband had complained that he didn't want to bother with the crackers this year because they were always the same. After I unpacked yours from the box, he was so intrigued that I had to put them right back away again. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas.

Sandy N. - San Fransico

Our Lovely Customers write...

.... Your Christmas crackers brought joy, laughter and ooohs and ahh's to our Christmas morning! We loved the printed tissue crowns and all wore them well into the afternoon. So much nicer than the usual solid color crowns! Mine doubled as a chef's hat! I wore it while I prepared Christmas dinner. It was very festive with the green and red holly print!

We took turns reading our jokes. We hung our little ornaments on the tree and raced to see who could complete their crossword puzzle first.  We all agreed...our son's fiance achieved the loudest "crack" when we popped them open. Thank you so much...we thoroughly enjoyed them! Can hardly wait to see next year's version!

Donna L. - California

Our Lovely Customers write...

Your Thanksgiving crackers were out of this world. My family was amazed to see not only Thanksgiving crackers on the table, but such beautiful ones at that. We had a ball opening them and seeing such unique goodies inside. The jokes were great and the puzzle page was a lot of fun. We all wore our crowns religiously!!!! Can't thank you enough for getting them to me at such late notice.

Lorraine, Eugen Or.

Our Lovely Customers write...

The small ornaments were a tremendous hit at our house. Of course we totally enjoyed the Ghiradelli Peppermint squares too. All told, we really had a great experience with your crackers. Already looking forward to them for next year. Thank you very much!

Merrilee K ~ Kennewick, WA

Our Lovely Customers write...

My sister has recieved her crackers and she is very impressed by how they look.
- UK

Our Lovely Customers write...

Gillian, We had a lot of fun with the crown
and with the snowmen...

Thomas, Groton, MA

Our Lovely Customers write...

...just received the wonderful crackers...thought I would let you know all in time...look wonderful...thanks also for the wonderful card, I can see you will be a wonderful resource for me forever! thanks again...can't wait for everyone to open them at our party...

Jeananne P. - Washington

Our Lovely Customers write...

They're here!!!  The mailman brought them about 30 minutes ago!  I'm so excited!  I'm so glad you tied the ribbon in knots, otherwise I would be too tempted to peek at the contents!!   It will be difficult but I'll wait and be surprised with the family on Christmas morning!!


Just think of all the extra fun and laughter there will be on Christmas, thanks to you and the crackers you created!  I am one among many who appreciate all your hard work!

Donna L. - California

Our Lovely Customers write...

Thank you so much.  They just arrived safely and look fabulous! 
Thanks again so much for your
great service. 
I see now why your company is
called the 'cheerful little card company'!

Until next year,

Debbie M. - Minnesota





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