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Published October 20, 2018 In blog

Dog & Cat Christmas Cracker Weekend!

Dog Christmas Crackers

We Elves like to remember our cat and dog pals especially during the holiday season so each year we set aside a day or two to work on Kitty and Fido jokes, activity sheets and great Christmas crackers just for them! There are some really cute jokes this year.

Sample a couple ...

Q. What do you call a cat you likes lemonade?
A. A Sour Puss!

Q: What do you get when you cross a dog with a phone?
A: A golden receiver!

You can find our Dog and Cat Christmas crackers on the following pages.

CAT CRACKERS: https://elvesbest.ca/product/kitty-face-cat-christmas-crackers
DOG CRACKERS: https://elvesbest.ca/product/cute-dog-christmas-crackers

Gillian .