Christmas Cracker Advertisements - 20th Century

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Below is a Christmas cracker ad from the old Timothy Eaton's Dept Store in Canada which closed in 1999.

15 cents to $1.50 per box of crackers? Well, admittedly prices have gone up in 100 years! Notice the heading: "Observe the Prices"!

Some of the design titles are intriguing; for instance the box of puzzle crackers called: "The Jolly Jokers Crackers".

The crackers pictured in the ad are quite pretty and festive - I remember a slightly less fancy version of the fluted edges being widely available throughout the 1950's when crackers were made with stretchy crepe paper.

The remembrance crackers are a bit of a mystery as they are advertised to contain 'fancy luggage' - I have trouble packing handbells into tubes - not sure how finding room for luggage would go!  "Fancy toy jewels" seemed to be a common component of many of the early cracker varieties.

An interesting bit of ephemera and a welcome addition to this blog.


Eatons Christmas cracker ad 1915

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