Cutting the paper for our Giant Puzzle Crackers

Posted by Elf Gillian on

Gold Paper Sheets for making Giant Christmas Crackers

I'm really glad that our new Giant Puzzle Crackers are doing so well because I truly love making them! They're a tad fiddly though and this is definitely a job for the summer before it gets too busy in the fall. So yesterday I picked up the huge sheets - almost 2 x 3 feet of sparkly gold brightness - to get a head start. Once they are cut and scored the work-intensive part of making these huge crackers is done and they can be stored until orders are ready to be filled in October.  

I have worked with paper for a living since 1987. And in fact my love of working with paper started when I was a wee girl in my beloved Miss Hall's kindergarten class at Maurice Cody Public School.  I remember so well, sinking my chubby arms into large wood boxes brimming with cut pieces of colourful paper and straws. There is still nothing more I enjoy doing than sitting down to cut and fold paper, shaping each sheet into a new 3-dimensional form. In this case, crackers!

If you love working with paper too, try our Origami Crackers for birthdays and Christmas!


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