GIANT Jigsaw Puzzles for Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas

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Well today, I am getting this year's editions of Giant Christmas Crackers ready for the fall. These crackers are made entirely by hand as they are far too large for our printers to press out with their die-cutting equipment. Each one has to be measured and hand-scored, then all the little diamonds are cut out in order that the crackers can be tightly closed when they are tied. We don't want to lose any puzzle pieces!

This year Elves' Best will have them available for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas - and birthdays too if there is time to make some!  I think these special crackers are great for families - perfect for Christmas Eve when families are together talking over all of the preparations for the following day.  Or on Christmas Day itself while Tom Turkey is roasting and the mince meat pies are cooling.  And it is an activity that can go on throughout the holidays right up until New Year's Eve and Day.  Just leave the puzzle table out and family members will migrate back and forth, sitting sit down now and then for a few minutes to add more pieces to the Jigsaw. Come New Year's Day, the puzzle will be solved!

Sometimes (though we dearly love our families!) there can be an awkwardness amongst relatives who don't see each other in person all that often and there needs to be a little something to get the conversation and the party going - so these puzzles are really good 'ice breakers' giving everyone something to do until the party livens up!  The puzzles are especially good as party starters at Thanksgiving, a time when extended families tend to congregate.

The Halloween Jigsaw Crackers are mostly for folks who prefer to celebrate Halloween indoors.  It's a fun thing to do if you aren't going out on Halloween or in between shelling out to the ghosts and goblins at your front door!

So choose your puzzles now, clear off a table and get ready to enjoy an old
fashioned family jigsaw puzzle - Giant Sized! 



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