June 25th - Just 6th months 'til Christmas!

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June 25th is always a special day for this Elf.  It marks the day we start up our annual "Countdown to Christmas Clock". Although there are 6 months yet before Santa wiggles snugly down wood-smoked chimneys world-wide, the preparations for Christmas must start - and be finished - long before the big day.  

So today, I am celebrating June 25th by starting the big clock. And cleaning up around the workshop, sweeping in behind all the inventory shelves, dusting and rearranging - getting ready to do a careful inventory count before placing orders for supplies and getting to work! 

I try to visually get organized as well. With hundreds (thousands?) of bits and pieces used over the next 6 months, it's important to be able to find them and to have them placed for ease of production. Once this year's workshop is fully set up, I will take a video for you.

Two of the biggest prep jobs for any season are the Activity Sheets and making thousands and thousands of paper hat crowns from scratch and by hand.  No machines involved here! I'm proud to say that Elves' Best was the first company in the world to introduce holiday-patterned hats and this idea is catching on with a few other smaller companies. The 'big guys' will get it. Eventually.  Customers like variety with their hats. And colour. And quality.

Enough schmoozing for today. It's June 25th and time to truly knuckle down!

So, hey ho, hey ho ... it's off to work I go!

Have a lovely day everyone wherever you are and whatever you are up to!

Elf Gillian


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