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It has been hot the past few days and, to be honest, better weather for working in the veggie patch rather than the cracker workshop. But Tuesday a big box arrived full of the Fair Trade ornaments that I ordered.  I nearly cried as I opened all the little packages. Everything is so much better than I had even hoped. One can readily tell that these handmade items are all crafted with a lot of love, care and craftmanship. 

I only wish I could have afforded to order more for our customers. Every item was a wonderful surprise but the following were especially so.  The Trumpeting Angel Candle Holder is more delicate than I had expected and clearly artisan-made.  Each shell is soaked until it is almost clear and then cut to shape.  The metal candle dish is very delicate and beautiful. I also got an angel tree topper made with the same beautiful shells and will upload that to the website soon.  The little Himalayan Tea Bags are much brighter and prettier than I expected. Each one is packed with 50 very-fragrant teas. And then there are the little decorations - the felted Santa and Snowman and the tiny pony and dog.  The dear little penguin ornaments have baby-soft felted bodies and white knitted wings. And the larger straw reindeer have the loveliest, thoughtful faces. I wasn't going to order this last item; glad I did!

And because I love the truly odd and wonderful, my favourite decoration is the zebra on the bicycle.  I only ordered two and one of them is for me - so only 1 left!  It is an indescribable joy to connect, even anonymously, with crafts people from other countries and to see their sturdy, careful work - to know that something that will go on our trees was made with care and love and not just stamped out by the thousands from mindless factory machines.  There are more ... pencil cases, clove and peppermint incense sticks (not the usual, over-bearing kind - but lovely fresh scents). There are even some glittering earrings / lipstick purses for the holidays or New Year's Eve.  I will get it all posted to the website, soon as I can ...

Here are some photos I took after opening the boxes:

Angels and Reindeer Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Tree Ornament | "Straw Reindeer"

Himalayan Bags with Tea

Himalayan Tea Bags

Incense Sticks - Peppermint and Clove Fragrances

Christmas Tree Ornaments | "Angels"

Christmas Tree Ornament | "Dancer"

Christmas Tree Ornament | "Penguin" Felted and Knit

Christmas Tree Ornament | "Felted Snowman & Santa"

Hand crafted and painted Tea for Two Set

Felt Pony Christmas Tree Ornament

Beaded Purse and Earrings for the Holidays

Hand Sewn Cosmetic Case

Christmas Tree Ornament | "Zebra on a Bicycle"


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