Stocking Up the Shelves Today at the Elves' Best Workshop!

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Our new Jigsaw Puzzles Collection!

I'm so excited today. I just love it when new supplies arrive but today is the very best of the best!  THE JIGSAW PUZZLES ARRIVED!  I am buying one myself but after 4 hours, I still can't decide which one. I have been doing jigsaws for over 60 years. It was my Dad who got me started. We would sit and sort all the pieces and he taught me how to find the edges and the corner pieces and then sort out the colours into batches. As some of you may know, I still have that very same jigsaw card table Dad and I sat at so many years ago.

Halloween Pumpkin Racers
And there were other fun things that came this week. And of course, they must ALL be Elf-tested before we can sell them to our customers!  Ha Ha. The biggest surprise was one of our Halloween toys - the Pumpkin Racers.  Wow, can these little guys shoot off across the room in a hurry!  We definitely will be stocking up on these. Great family fun for all ages.

RCMP Playing Cards Deck
Then, in with our jigsaws today, c ame the beautiful and quintessentially Canadian deck of Playing Cards - "The RCMP".  Wow, they are BEAUTIFUL!  Every card gives a little hint (albeit a bit romanticized, perhaps!) of RCMP Canadian history. These are fabulous game cards for the cottage, camping and picnics. Real conversation starters. Perfect for Canada Day. I think what I would use them for stocking stuffers. They come in a nifty little 2-piece box which makes them extra nice for gift giving. A tiny bit smaller than conventional cards but quite comfortable to hold.

Still lots to unpack.  It's going to be a busy weekend. I am working on getting the Christmas Reveal together which always puts me in a Christmas mood. Good thing too because I have 25,000 holiday paper hats to make. Time to get Crosby singing, "White Christmas"!

If you haven't signed up yet for an invitation to the reveal, write to me at:  info@elvesbest .  Be sure to add your name and email address and I will send you out an invite notice next week!

Cheers everyone.  Have a fabulous weekend!




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