The 2019 Annual Christmas Reveal

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Working away today at this year's Annual Reveal. There is a LOT to upload and it has been a busy week here with so much else on the go ... All of the files from our old website had to be copied or downloaded before the pages were deleted by the company last night.  And ... I have been filling Canada Day and 4th of July Cracker orders. No elves loafing about in this Workshop!  

The Thanksgiving part of the Reveal should be uploaded to Elves' Best by Friday  evening. I ask everyone to remember that Thanksgiving and Christmas products need to be placed on SEPARATE ORDERS.  These two seasons will be shipped separately and require separate shipping charges. We have lost a lot of funds in past years due to insufficient postage being charged so this year we are asking customers to help us by keeping the seasons separate.  It IS OKAY to order Thanksgiving and Halloween on one order  OR to order Christmas, Chanukkah and New Years on one order - but not to mix Autumn with November/December holidays.

The Christmas Section is gradually being uploaded but won't be visible until (hopefully) Sunday. It may take more than one day as it is a full program... but soon all will be REVEALED!  

I do hope you will enjoy this year's Reveal. I am very excited about getting a start on making the crackers as soon as the Christmas Reveal is over and you have told me which products you would like for your holidays this year - but starting first with making thousands of paper hats and the all-new 2019 activity sheets.

Cheers.  Have a great day!




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