What's on the Elves' Workshop Table tonight?

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We have 4 new designs that are waiting to be photographed as mock-up crackers.  The light was a little dim for photos late this afternoon by the time I could get into the workshop but tomorrow these will get posted ...
The "Nutcracker Ballet is already posted (without the cracker image!) in the Gift Crackers section. And the Origami Penguin Cracker is in the main Christmas Cracker section.  The "Santa Sack" will be going into the Family Games area.
Not sure yet about the Elves!

The "Nutcracker Ballet" Crackers will be filled with Sarrah's
Fused Glass Nutcracker Ornaments. 

I haven't decided what will go into the "Elves Party" Wraps. 
The "Time-Matching" game might go into this. Not sure...
Maybe something more fun and Elf-y!  Christmas Carols? Candy?  Hmmm...

This great Santa Sack" image will house this years "Balloon Twisting" Crackers!

This cheery "Holiday Penguins" Wrap will be used for the Kids'
"Origami Penguin" Cracker


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