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Summer is here!  Are you feeling the heat? Are you out and about enjoying the sun or at the cottage maybe swimming and firing up the Barbie?

This Elf was off for a few days, refreshing body and spirit out in the veggie patch before returning to work today.  There is such a lot simmering on the back burner and boiling merrily on the front one!  One big job every year is getting the printing set up for the season. Each of about 300 printed designs needs a look over to see what needs re-working - sometimes the colours need adjusting or brightening. Sometimes the design needs better centering or a change in size. It is a very expensive job. Just about our biggest cost in any year, after Elf-help, is the printing. It needs to be done at a professional printers to really look and work well.

The other thing on today's list is finally getting down to doing this year's inventory count. Eons ago before my life as an Elf, I worked for the government where I was responsible for the annual inventory. Every stick of furniture, every typewriter (no computers in those days, Ha Ha!), every stapler, briefcase and filing cabinet had to be counted and stickered according to prescribed descriptions. So this job here at the workshop comes quite naturally and reminds me of fun former times at the old Employment and Immigration office! 

And every couple of days, I do a little more work on the Downton Abbey crackers coming down the pike. There's a lot to research here before deciding where to focus. Can't wait!

And finally, I have been gradually getting some of the cracker goods ordered. Every new order that arrives this time of year gets reinvested into new goods for Christmas.  I placed one of our decor/gifts orders last week and my long-time friend and fellow shop-owner, Clare, will be getting our "Big Beer" soaps made towards the end of July. The soap takes 6 weeks to 'cure' before it can be cut. I will post a photo when it arrives! Just LOVE the assortedness of what is available at Elves' Best this year!

Himalayan Tea Bag Big Beer Soap Company



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