Working on Downton Abbey Crackers today.

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Keep Calm and Watch Downton Abbey

During the summer months work time is split between indoor and outdoor activities. While Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas are all underway, the Elf Veggie Patch is growing wildly, requiring daily weeding and care so I usually spend the first 6 to 7 hours in the workshop before heading outdoors with my hoe for another few hours.  When it's really busy, an order has to get ready for shipping or if,  for some reason, I am falling behind on my quota schedule then I add an evening workshop session. Every day is a full day and needless to say, this Elf sleeps quite soundly!

In the workshop at the moment, I am working up the final details for the Downton Abbey Crackers.  The show has been famous for one-line zingers so I have gathered a collection of those and one will be added into each cracker along with English-themed charades. Every cracker will also sport an English PG Tips cone tea-bag and every order of 5 or more crackers will contain a box of the famous Scottish  Tunnock's Tea Cakes! There will of course be all the usual puzzle fun, puzzles and games and the crackers will be decorated in a  Downton theme with each one sporting a tag with the face and name of different memorable characters.

There is a card game mentioned in one of the Downton Abbey episodes that I am thinking of including, but not sure it will be to everyone's cup of tea so there may be two editions. Not sure. Up in the air. That is called, "creativity meeting the reality of business economics!" Even Elves have to stick to a budget occasionally! 

If there is time, I am hoping also to post a printable file to download with Downton Abbey invitations for those planning a themed party.  That's sort of the outline so far ... the cracker wrap will have a mock up printed likely tonight or tomorrow. And likely the cracker will be ready for sale by midweek with a late August or early September ship date.  I do so hope that everyone will enjoy this fun cracker!

You are Cordially Invited to a Downton Abbey Party

That's it for today, Folks!  I am off to weed the rows of beets so they can grow up to be fat and juicy and ready to pickle for the winter! 


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  • Hello! I am very interested in the Downton crackers as I am hosting a movie party/overnight for a group of very special ladies. Please keep me in the loop? I appreciate your effort! Pam

    Pam Johnson on

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