Party Crackers | "Fishing For Words"

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Fish-Themed Party Crackers:
"Fishing for Words" Game

The Elves have filled their beautiful Fish Crackers with a fast paced game which will snag you - hook line and sinker! Roll the letter dice, then build the highest scoring word. Your opponent rolls any dice not used to create the highest scoring word crosswise. The player or team with the highest score at the end of five rounds wins!  Great fun for the cottage, games night or a small dinner party with friends.

Each Cracker Contains:
:: 1 or more dies
:: Paper Hat
:: Fortune Fish
:: Roll of Rockets
:: All-Occasion Activity Sheets

Also included in the Shipping Box:
:: Dice Mat
:: Score Pad
:: Instructions

Age: 8+

Maximum Order:
Sold only in lots of 4 Crackers

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These Party Crackers are shipped from Feb 1st through to August 15th only. They are not available at other times. Get them while they last!