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Christmas Cracker Activity Sheets with games, jokes and puzzles.
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Christmas Crackers | "Mystery-Grams"

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PLEASE NOTE:  The decorative outer wraps for this cracker may vary from our photo depending on remaining inventories and the number of sale orders we receive.

Christmas Crackers filled with mystery-gram puzzles for lots of family fun. The Elves also pack in their famous Christmas Activity Sheets with games, puzzles, charades and jokes.  And ... of course they will make sure each cracker gets one lovely, fresh and very delicious chocolate! Great for family, for gifts and for office parties too! Who can put the pictures together the fastest to solve the Mystery Gram?

Each Christmas Cracker Contains: 
:: 1 Mystery "Grams" 
:: 1 Festive Paper Hat 
:: Mini Activity sheets with holiday joke, trivia, charades & puzzles

Price is for ONE Christmas Cracker 

Christmas shipping begins in November for Christmas delivery to ensure the freshest ingredients. IF YOU ARE HAVING AN EARLY CHRISTMAS- PLEASE INCLUDE THE DATE IN YOUR ORDER.

Gift Delivery:
If you are purchasing this item for a gift you wish to have delivered to the Giftee, please order separately and ensure we have the correct mailing address.  This Cracker variety is available for shipping within Canada and the USA only.