Maitre Truffout Boxed Pralines - 2 Gift Sizes

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I had never tried pralines before starting the cracker business but one year when I was looking for something a little different I stumbled upon the Maitre Truffout brand from Europe.  My favourite in their large line-up is the Chocolate covered Hazelnut variety. Oh, my gosh - so creamy and flavourful and the chocolate is FRESH!

Although many of us here in North America aren't familiar with Maitre Truffout, I have been so impressed year after year with the quality and freshness of their products that I have come to bypass the better known brands such as Lindt which, in my humble elf-opinion, just don't have as pure a chocolate flavour or as long a shelf life as Maitre Truffout.

We Elves aren't into snob-appeal so we don't buy 'brands' to impress you ...  Instead we offer Fun, Quality, Variety!  And Maitre Truffout surely fits into our way of thinking. They are also better priced than most other major brans. Give them a try this year.  They make for great hostess presents and it doesn't hurt to have a couple of boxes on hand for last minute surprises!

Two box sizes available.  


180 gms -  9.75" x 1" x 6.5"  OR 
400 gms -   14" x 1" x 7"

Country of Origin:  Germany

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