Shipping at Elves' Best

All products are shipped via the post office - either USPS or Canada Post. We do not ship via courier.

Shipping Destinations
:: Canada
Items on this website are shipped to Canada only.
:: USA
For USA delivery, please visit: Elves' Best USA

:: Elsewhere
We ship crackers outside the USA & Canada between February 1st to October 1st. Please
us if you wish to ship to the UK, Europe, Australia, etc. Shipping outside of Canada or the USA may generate customs and VAT taxes. These are NOT included in the cost of your order and will be applied and collected separately by your local Post Office at the time of delivery. (Please note: Our DIY Cracker Kits are shipped outside of North America year-round. As a rule of thumb, allow 3 or more weeks for delivery, depending on your shipping location.)

SHIPPING: Jan 28th to Sept 17th 2019
During the 'off season' Elves' Best ships on Tuesdays only for all items - Filled Crackers, DIY Kits or Snaps.

We mail out DIY Kits via regular mail on Tuesdays only - within Canada, the USA, Australia, the UK and Europe.

SHIPPING: Cracker Snaps
Packages containing just snaps are mailed only within Canada. Please note that our ability to ship these can be limited during some periods of the year. Check the snaps page on our website before ordering to ensure availability.

Shipping Damages / Lost Parcels:
We make every effort to send your order in sturdy, well prepared cartons to ensure they arrive safely and in good condition.

If your package is damaged when it arrives - or hasn't arrived - please contact your local post office for assistance. If your package doesn't have a tracking number, please contact us as we photograph every shipping envelope going out 1st class mail which doesn't have tracking services. We can email a copy to you to show your local post office how the envelope was addressed and the amount of postage applied.

We can't be held responsible for packages which are undeliverable due to incomplete/incorrect addresses or to gated communities where USPS or Canada Post have no access or for parcels not collected by the Buyer from their post office for any reason. No refunds will be issued for the cost of goods or postage for items returned to us as undeliverable or in damaged condition.

Please read carefully the product information listed for each item before placing your order. Because we fill the crackers to order, we are unable to accept returns for refund. If you are unsure about a product or it's contents, feel free to contact us to ask questions. We're here to help.

Need More Help?
Note if you have a question not covered in the notes below, please drop us an email.