Christmas Ordering & Shipping Dates!



1)  All orders are being filled and shipped for Christmas delivery. 


ast / West / & Arctic coasts of Canada
We will invoice separately (manually) for express shipping charges on all orders placed after Dec 9th which required Christmas week delivery.

Central Canada 
We will invoice separately (manually) for express shipping charges on all orders placed after Dec 9th which required Christmas week delivery.

Ontario, Toronto GTA, Montreal & Ottawa
Accepting orders until about Dec 16th.

  Orders will be accept for USA / Canadian delivery up to Dec 18th.

2)  Please choose the correct Shipping Option.
FLAT RATE = DIY Kits, or Paper Hats or Snaps
EXPEDITED RATE = Everything else!

3)  Check your shipping address & contact information.

The Post Office has advised us of continuing heavy parcel loads ahead. While delivery has been excellent this December, the Post Office is offering NO GUARANTEED DELIVERY DEADLINES & NO POSTAGE REFUNDS FOR LATE DELIVERIES this holiday season.  They are doing their best!

We will get each product into the mail as advertised and as of December 12th, the mails are moving well in Canada and the USA.  However, we will NOT be offering any refunds if we have shipped on time but the Post offices deliver late.


SWEETS:  We have been advised by Canpar that a large delivery of 12 cases containing candy, chocolates, cookies and cakes for Christmas will NOT be arriving before the 25th.  They have been sitting endlessly in one of 110 long-haul trailers in a sort yard and not about to move anywhere soon.  If you have ordered one of these products and we cannot fill from existing inventories on our  shelves, we will ship as soon as we can especially if, by some miracle, the cases arrive and we can still reach you before Christmas.

BALLOON PUMPS:  These were unavailable this year, at least not the mini ones we have provided in the past. We went in search at local stores and bought up all the pumps we could find.  We included one large balloon pump with each cracker order, for as long as they lasted.  If you need more pumps to make the filling up of balloons go a bit quicker, we suggest visiting your local Dollarama who usually do carry them.  If you only have one pump, but received several balloon twisting crackers, and you can't get out to find another pump or two, we suggest you designate one person as the one to fill all the balloons ahead of time!

WINE BOTTLE COVERS, PICK UP STICKS, CAT SCRATCH MATTS, SOME FACE MASKS and a few other items still have not arrived. Some of these were ordered August 3rd!  The cat scratch matts have been all over the world with the last sighting at Heathrow Airport about 7 weeks ago!  Some things are just out of our control.  We did try for you and we did order as soon as we could.