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The EB Investors' Program

Between January and June 2019, Elves' Best is seeking investments in our Company at levels between $100 and $10,000 each for a maximum of $20,000.  The program will be available again January through June, 2020 for a second maximum total of $20,000, . 

Our Historical Market:
Elves' Best began as a traditional Christmas market business. Our product focus has been to produce premium Christmas Crackers with an emphasis on 'quality, variety and fun'. Over the past several years, to increase income year round we have gradually been expanding our cracker product line first with Thanksgiving crackers for the USA market and then building wedding, birthday and spring cracker lines. We also developed a strong niche market for custom corporate logo crackers diverting business away from previous international competitors to make us the sole "Made-in-Canada" supplier. At this time, we are seeking funds to help us expand in ways which will strengthen and further expand our year-round income base.

What will the money be used for?:
1) To increase the profit margins of our current product lines, particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas, by purchasing supplies in larger, more economical quantities from our wholesale suppliers.  

2) To expand upon the success of our 'family games crackers' by increasing the variety of games products available as stand-alones - primarly Jigsaws, Mystery Games and a limited range of high-quality children's games.

3) To purchase new commercial printer custom die sets to add to the variety of crackers and boxed packaging we can make available to our retail, corporate and wholesale customers.

4)  And finally, we wish to add efficiency to our workspace by adding custom shelving, bins, laser cutting equipment and additional flat work space.

How will it work?
Funds will be accepted until late spring this year and again January through to June in 2020 up to a maximum of $20,000 each year. All investors this year will receive two returns on their loans late December of 2019. One will be for all or part of the loan; the other will be "interest" in the form of an Elves' Best Gift Certificate - 'EB-GC', The amounts dependent upon the loan levels. (The Gift Certificates can be applied throughout the fall to purchase holiday crackers). Think of it as a program where we temporarily borrow your money and then you get your holiday crackers for free!  In lieu of the 'cracker dividends', we can alternately provide a cash equivalent.

$100 Investor will receive $100 + one 1 General DIY Cracker Kit in Dec 2019 (or $20 EB-GC)
$250 Investor will receive $125 + one box of 5 Christmas Crackers (or $25 EB-GC) in Dec 2019 & 2020
$500 Investor will receive $133.33 + one box of 5 Christmas Crackers (or $25 EB-GC) in Dec 2019, 2019 & 2021
$1,000 Investor will receive $250 plus one box of 10 Christmas Crackers (or $50 EB-GC) in Dec 2019 and each December until 2022 
$2,500 Investor will receive 20% repayment plus one box of 15 Christmas Crackers (or $75 EB-GC) in Dec 2019 & each December until 2023.
$5,000 Investor will receive 20% repayment plus one box of 20 Christmas Crackers (or $100 EB-GC) in Dec 2019 & each December until 2023. 
$10,000 Investor will receive 20% repayment plus one box of 20 Christmas Crackers (or $100 EB-GC) in Dec 2019 & each December until 2023. 

Who Will Our Investors Be?
This is a friendly, home-grown program open to customers and friends of Elves' Best who support the company's goals to provide fun, best quality Holiday Crackers and family games and to share/preserve the history of this grand English Tradition. Elves' Best will accept investments only from customers / friends known to us or those who have been personally referred by our customers / friends.

CONTACT US and we will answer any questions>

In Canada your invested funds of $2,000 or less can be sent directly via Bank Interac. Larger amounts via bank transfer.
In the USA, CONTACT US by email.  We will invoice you and funds can be sent to us via Credit Card.

We will also send you 2 copies of a letter confirming our loan agreement. We ask that you sign one and mail it back to us in the stamped, address envelope provided. 

Investors' Letter
To receive our Investors' Newsletter, please EMAIL.