We get asked a lot to send gift's of crackers or kits or games out to friends and families so we have created an Elf Bucks Gift Card Program.  Just send us the name of  your Giftee, their email address and the amount you wish to gift to them. We will open an account in their names, crediting it with your gift. And, when they spend their gift, they will also win more Elf Bucks! 

If you love Crackers and Games as we do, then this is a great way to involved your friends and family, introducing them to these fun traditions.

Our Elf Bucks Gift Card Accounts can be used for all items - Crackers, Games, DIY Kits, Jigsaw Puzzles!

Just send us an EMAIL with:
1)  First and Last Name
2)  Email Address
3)  Gift Amount
4)  Your Message to them

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