Birthday Party Crackers with "Elephant Sticks" game
The Elves have LOADS
of new crackers and games coming up in April and May!

For you Mystery Fans ...
We have lots of new mystery crackers arriving - for dinner parties AND a separate full dinner mystery party game as well. And Mystery JigSaw puzzles for all of you Poirot, Marple and Holmes fans.

The Matching Game:
We know that EB Customers expect only best quality from the Elves. To that end, we have found a couple of great wooden family games.  One is the beautiful Montessori "Matching Game" and another, also Montessori, - the "Elephant Balancing Game". Both of these sets can be kept for years of enjoyment by all ages - and maybe even into the next generation for them to enjoy!  The smaller pieces of each will be packed into crackers.



 We have found some fun mechanical toys that will be great for birthday crackers - for younger ones and the nostalgic older folk alike. The collection includes roosters, rabbits, frogs and other great critters.

Mechanical Monkey on a Bike

Mechanical Train Engine
With kids (and adults!) sitting in front of computers for endless hours these days, it is nice to know that there are still ways to play together that are fun and help spark the imagination. We have sourced some very special finger puppets for story telling which we think you will enjoy.  They are beautifully created and brightly coloured - just begging for tales to be told!  How about that Mermaid with the pink tail!
Finger Puppets "Royal House"
Finger Puppets for Theatre
And here is a personal favourite:  Marionettes!  Not sure yet if the crackers will present the marionettes or vice versa!  
 More wooden toys ... Brightly painted wood tops.  Apparently these work in various directions ... have to wait till they arrive to find out more. Perfect for party crackers of any ages and for Family Games Night.
Wooden Tops
Here is a really lovely painted dominoes set which will be arriving soon- definitely
hand painted, wood dominoes game

We  are thinking up new kinds of hats and card games as well as looking forward to autumn and our Thanksgiving line.  This year we will be making our hand decorated Thanksgiving Crackers again; The leaves, berries, German mushrooms, fall fruit and flowers will arrive in May sometime so that we can get an early start on making these very special crackers. And, for something a little different, we have some pyramid Thanksgiving Crackers this year. 

Unique and  festive.

So much fun is coming to Elves' Best. We have Mom games for Baby Showers starting in a couple of weeks, Thanksgiving Craft Kits for Kids' Crackers and a fun-looking family word/dice game for challenging your vocabulary!

Stay tuned to Elves' Best for great Quality, Variety and FUN!  You won't find better party crackers anywhere else on the planet!

Chief Cracker Elf
Elves' Best Christmas Crackers.