DIY Christmas Cracker Kits | "Traditional Berries"

Interested in Becoming
an Elves' Best Retail Partner?

We currently are seeking retail outlets interested in selling our DIY Cracker Kits. Our kits do well in gift & card shops, hobby stores, flower shops and year-round Christmas venues and any stores with dedicated Christmas displays.

Best Quality, Variety & Fun!
Our quality kits are unlike those you will find from any other manufacturer. They feature brightly designed wraps printed on heavy cardstock and professionally die-cut / pre-scored. Kits include great snappers, handmade colourful paper crowns, a selection of jokes and pre-measured curling ribbons. Each kit includes easy to follow instructions.

Minimum Order:
To insure vigorous sales, we recommend displaying a minimum of 6 design faces.
The minimum order is 36 Kits.

Contact Us:
If you are interested in placing an order with us, please CONTACT US . Include your business name and city.

Filled Christmas Crackers
At this time we are offering only our DIY Kits for wholesale purchasing.

Christmas Cracker Kit | "Red & White"