8 Note Handbell Songs

8 Note Handbell Songs

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8 Note Handbell Songs

by Bob Bergin, 

Enjoy this easily playable collection of 25 all-time favorite songs, each within the range of 8 diatonic notes (no sharps or flats needed!). The melodic range is middle C, up one octave to high C. Each song includes a melody line, lyrics, and chord symbols. Each note also has the letter name printed below and is numbered (1-8) above, to help beginners learn to read the music. The print is in black and white, no colors used. 

Songs included in Book: 

-Billy Boy
-Blue Bells of Scotland
-Caissons Go Rolling Along
-Father We Thank Thee
-Home Sweet Home
-Jingle Bells
-Kum Ba Yah
-Looby Loo
-Michael (Row the Boat Ashore)
-Oh Susannah
-On Top of Old Smoky
-One Potato Two Potato
-Row Row Row
-Sun of My Soul
-The Alphabet
-The Camptown Races
-The Hokey Pokey
-The Marines' Hymn
-This Old Man
-3 Blind Mice
-Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
-Where Is Thumbkin

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