Chanukkah Cracker Kits | "Festival of Lights"
  • Chanukkah Cracker Kits |"Festival of Lights"
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Chanukkah Cracker Kits | "Festival of Lights"

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Chanukkah Cracker Kits

Make your own custom "Festival of Lights" Chanukkah Crackers with our easy to assemble Cracker Kit. 1 kit makes 6 crackers.

Fill your own Chanukkah crackers

Everything you need is in the kit - wraps, hats, snaps and ribbon. Just add your own gifts and messages to personalize your Chanukkah party favours.

Overall cracker size once constructed:
:: Approx: 8" long
:: Treat Tube Size: 3" long x 2" diameter

:: 6 Wraps
:: 6 Snaps
:: 6 Jokes
:: 6 Paper Hats - Variety
:: Pre-Measured Ribbon
:: Instructions

We ship Chanukkah Cracker Kits on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. They are sent via Canada Post, First Class Mail.

to watch our Cracker Making Video

School Fundraising Products

Elves' Best quality DIY Chanukkah Cracker Kits are GREAT for your School's next Fundraiser! Each sold Cracker Kit will raise $5.00 for your school!  Minimum purchase is just 25 kits!  Interested? Send the Elves an EMAIL.  Tell us about your school, which kits you would like and when you need them. The kits can be customized with a message inside describing your school's fundraiser project and listing your contact information so that people can buy more kits from you in the future!

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