Charades Party Crackers
  • Party Crackers decorated in black with rainbow polka dots and filled with charades, party hats and games
  • Slips of paper with Kooky Fortunes for parties.
  • Party cracker paper hats. Rainbow colours

Charades Party Crackers

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plural noun: 
meaning:  an absurd pretense intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance.

Are you ready for a challenging few rounds of charades?  We have some tough ones ready for you!  Our Charades Party Crackers are available in several party categories.  You can choose all one theme or a mix them up!

Each Cracker Contains:
:: Activity Sheet - Two-sided with 4 Themed Charades, Joke, Maze and challenging word search
:: Paper Hat
:: Game Rules

:: "Kooky" Fortune
:: Fortune Fish

Choose One Theme or Mix Them Up!
:: Films
:: The 50's
:: What is it? (Inventions of the 20th Century)
:: Travel
:: Food
:: Books
:: TV Shows
:: Agatha Christie

:: Mixed Themes

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