"Very British Christmas" (SOLD OUT)
  • English Christmas Crackers: "A Very British Christmas"
  • Union Jack Christmas Stockings
  • Walkers British Christmas pudding
  • Union Jack mini flags
  • British party confetti
  • British Humbugs for Christmas Crackers
  • Christmas cracker paper hats

"Very British Christmas" (SOLD OUT)

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English Christmas Crackers

Longing for a taste of a British Christmas?

SOLD OUT.  Not available for 2019.

Your Cracker Elves have just the Crackers for you filled with British treats, games and even Tea and Christmas Pudding!  The "Very British Christmas"  Crackers are a lovely gift for a British Ex-Pat family / colleagues / clients or for anyone who loves all things British.  This cracker variety with the knitted stocking ornaments, British candy and pudding are all top of the line quality you can be proud to offer as a gift.  And, oh, did I mention? They're FUN!  Some terrific Dickens quotes top off the entertainment along with a selection of English Parlour games.

Please note:  The price quoted is for 2 Very British Crackers plus 1 Christmas Pudding (serves 4).  If you require additional crackers (or additional puddings), please click on one of the options below.

Each Cracker Contains:
:: 1 Union Jack Knitted Mini Stocking Ornament (4.7" long)
:: 1 Mini Union Jack Flag
:: British Themed Party Confetti
:: 3 British candies    
:: 1 Tea Bag (English Breakfast)
:: 1 Charles Dickens Christmas Quote or Trivia
:: 1 Paper Hat
:: 4 Christmas Activity Sheets with joke, charade, puzzles, English Parlour Games

Each shipping box contains one of each of the following:

:: 1 Christmas Pudding - Serves 4 (A delicious Christmas pudding steamed with juicy sultanas, raisins, currants and cider. Matthew Walker brand - since 1899)
:: 1 Set of "Forfeits" for English Parlour Games
:: A Brief Description of the Victorian Christmas
:: 1 Set of 3 Carol Sheets
:: 1 Christmas Trivia Sheet

Option:  You can choose to add additional crackers and or additional puddings to your order.

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