Christmas Crackers - "Gnomes" (SOLD OUT)
  • Christmas Crackers with rainbow felt gnomes ornaments.
  • Rainbow felt gnomes ornaments.
  • Oatfield Colleen Irish Assortment candy
  • Festive Paper hats for Christmas Crackers
  • Christmas Cracker Puzzle Sheets & Jokes
  • Christmas Carol Sheets - Elves' Best Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers - "Gnomes" (SOLD OUT)

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Christmas Crackers

Rainbow Gnome Crackers ...

SOLD OUT for 2018. We are accepting orders for the 2019 Christmas season.

Christmas crackers with a bright, cheery gnome cracker wrap design featuring rainbow coloured gnome tree ornaments hand crafted by a talented UK Felt Artisan.  At just under 3" (not including the hanger), they are a perfect size for hanging on your tree (or in your window or on your kitchen cabinets after Christmas).  The crackers are gnome-themed inside and out. Unique Christmas Crackers for  gifts. 

Each Christmas Cracker Contains:
:: 1 Gnome Tree Ornament (Just under 3" tall, not including hanger)
:: Paper Hat
:: 1 British Candy
:: 1 Christmas Mini Activity sheet with holiday joke, trivia, charades, poems, puzzles and conversation starters.

Each shipping box contains 
:: 3 sheets with Christmas Carols

:: 1 Christmas Trivia Sheet

Holiday Shipping:
Order now for late October holiday delivery.

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