Easter Crackers -  'Pin the Tail on the Bunny!'
  • Easter Party Crackers with pastel eggs and bunnies
  • Spring Pin the Tail on the Bunny game
  • Easter activity sheets with jokes, charades, games and puzzles
  • Milk chocolate easter eggs covered in coloured foil wraps

Easter Crackers - 'Pin the Tail on the Bunny!'

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A fun Easter twist on an old game favourite - just for kids this spring!

Cracker Contents: 
:: 1 Paper Hat,
:: 2 Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs
:: 1 Bunny Tail
:: 1 Easter Activity Sheet

And Packed into each Box:
:: 1 Poster, 24 1/2in x 37in
:: 1 Paper blindfold

Minimum Order:
1 box of 5 crackers.

Shipped to arrive by March 15 delivery.

Still available for 2018 delivery

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