Handbell Christmas Crackers
  • 8 Musical Handbells for Christmas Crackers.

Handbell Christmas Crackers

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Handbell Christmas Crackers

Elves' Best is offering Musical Handbell Crackers for a limited promotion - January 30th to February 8th.  This will be the only offering of Handbell Crackers for 2019. For this promotion only, the handbells can be ordered on their own without crackers, if preferred.

The Handbell Crackers are themed for birthdays, reunions, Thanksgiving, Canada Day, 4th of July and Christmas in sets of 8, 13 and 20.

For this promotion the crackers and handbells are separated. Ribbon is included with the shipping so that a cracker can be tied to each individual handbell to create a truly unique place setting!  

Quality Handbell Music books are sold separately. However free printable folk music will also be available in pdf form as the weekend goes on. Not all of these are of the best reproduction quality but you can work with them. Check the most recent blog installment "Handbells" for printables over Saturday and Sunday.

Each Cracker Contains: 
:: 1 paper hat with musical notes
:: 1 activity sheet.
:: 1 printed song for use with handbells

   - Choose your theme:
     - Christmas
     - Birthday
     - Thanksgiving
     - Canada Day (I's the b'ye that builds the boat)
     - 4th of July (Yankee Doodle) 

     - Family Reunion

Ship time for these items is about 3 months - so, likely end of April, beginning of May. IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE:  Handbells are very heavy - it may be that we need to add additional shipping charges for your order. We would do this at the time of shipping.

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