Jewish Songs of Celebration for Handbells

Jewish Songs of Celebration for Handbells

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Hanukkah/Jewish Holiday Songs

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"KidzRing" contains very easy music which can be played on any 8-20 note instruments.

The "KidzRing" series is designed to grow with one's abilities. Multiple arrangements are provided for the pieces, adding accompaniment which builds on the previous arrangement. 

Titles include:
:: Candle Blessing
:: Chag Purim
:: Chanukah 
:: Come Light the Menorah 
:: Dayenu 
:: Dreydl, Dreydl 
:: Spinning Round
:: Hanerot Halalu
:: Hatikva
:: Hava Nagila
:: Henay Matov
:: Menorah, Menorah
:: One Little, Two Little Latkes
:: Rock of Ages
:: Shalom Alaychem
:: Shalom Chaverim
:: S'vivon
:: Tumbalalaika
:: Zum Gali, Gali

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