More 8 Note Handbell Songs

More 8 Note Handbell Songs

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More 8 Note Handbell Songs

by Bob Bergin, 

Enjoy this second collection of easy to play songs, each within the range of 8 diatonic notes (no sharps or flats needed!). The melodic range is middle C, up one octave to high C. Each song includes a melody line, lyrics, and chord symbols. Each note also has the letter name printed below and is numbered (1-8) above, to help beginners learn to read the music. The print is in black and white, no colors used. 

Songs included in Book: 

A-Hunting We Will Go
Alleluia Amen
Everybody Loves Saturday Night 
He's Got the Whole World In His Hands
I'm Gonna Sing
Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier 
Lovely Evening
Play Bells Today!
Pop Goes the Weasel
Roll an' Rock
Sweet Betsy from Pike
This Old Man
Tingo Layo
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Buffalo Gals 
Little 'Liza Jane 
he Mulberry Bush 
Over the River and Through the Wood
Rock-a My Soul 
When the Saints Go Marching In

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