"Detective" Mystery Crackers
  • Murder Mystery Crackers decorated with stars
  • 30 Second Murder Mysteries
  • 3 minute sand egg timer
  • rainbow coloured Christmas Cracker crowns
  • Murder Mystery Activity Sheets

"Detective" Mystery Crackers

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There is a mystery to be solved and you have just 3 minutes to find the solution!  Mystery Party Crackers for dinner detective parties, games night or fun at the cottage

Each guest is given a Case, a Mystery and Clues to read out to all who are assembled. Everyone is invited to shout as many guesses for the solution as they like - but, only for 3 minutes! Each cracker contains a different "Case".

:: 1 Mystery
:: 1 Paper Hat
:: Mini Activity Sheet with joke, charade, puzzles and games

Each box is also packed with:
:: One 3-minute hourglass timer per order. 

Minimum Order:  4 crackers

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