Custom Branded Crackers printed with corporate logo and branded imaging.
  • Custom Branded Crackers with logo
  • Tissue paper hat crowns in rainbow colours.
  • Custom Branded Crackers - Cadburys
  • Custom Branded Crackers - Edmonton International Airport
  • Custom Branded Crackers - MDS
  • Custom Branded Logo Crackers - SIGA
  • Custom Branded Logo Crackers - United Way GTA
  • Custom Branded Logo Crackers - ORCA
  • Custom Branded Crackers - TCF
  • Custom Branded Crackers - Costco / MasterCard Campaign
  • Custom Branded Logo Crackers - Bell Media
  • Custom Branded Logo Crackers - Bell Media

Custom Branded Crackers printed with corporate logo and branded imaging.

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Branded Logo Crackers - 
A fresh, 3-dimensional, interactive advertising tool for fun, effective campaigns. Something a little different!

For product launches, marketing, branding/re-branding, samples, contests, conferences, trade-show give-aways.  

Crackers include:
- exterior logo printing,
- cracker construction,
- inserted text messasging
- paper hat
- snap.  
Exterior printing and inserts for logo branded crackers are customizable.

Minimum Order:

100 Crackers

About Text Inserts:
Width: Maximum 3"
Height: Up to 8 1/2"

Black or coloured text printed on a white background. 
Text on a coloured background is sent out to our commercial printers and billed at their current rate.

Submit Text and Logo:
After submitting your order, upload your text message and logo image HERE.

Ship Times:
For deliveries January 1st through to June 30th
Up to 1,000 Crackers - 3 weeks
Up to 5,000 Crackers - 5 weeks
5,000+ Please 
Contact Us for Timeline Quote.

Ship Times:
Fall/Christmas Season:
Holiday over 250 crackers - Submit by September 1st
Orders up to 2,500 crackers - Submit by August 15th
Orders over 5,000 crackers - Submit by August 1st
Orders over 10,000 crackers - Submit by July 1st
Orders of 10,000 crackers or more - Please Contact Us
 for Timeline Quote.

Shipping Carriers:
Elves' Best ships all orders by Canada Post.  If you wish to receive your order by courier or other means, please advise us of your method and provide us with emailed, printable shipping labels if required by your courier or other carrier.

Shipping Costs:
You will be charged separately for shipping on shipping day.  Your order will be released for delivery once we receive shipping payment.

For Additional Customization:
If you wish to add further details to your cracker with your own customized exterior artwork or by adding a product, inserts, novelties or candy, please request a quote HERE.

Our Customers:
INVENTA - Cadbury Chocolate
Edmonton International Airport
JC Solutions Marketing
Twins Cancer Foundation
Connor, Clark & Lunn
United Way of Greater Toronto
d3sign - Bell Media
MDS Aero - Ottawa
True Lily - New York
Yves Saint Laurent, Paris
Stratford Festival
Decor & More - MEG Energy
Ambiente Home Design Elements - Invermere, BC, CA
MacLAREN - Costco/MasterCard
Fleur, Inc - Chicago
National Ballet of Canada
APEX Public Relations - Tangerine Re-branding campaign
Gold N Fish Marketing / Trident Gum campaign, NY
Marco Corporation / Kellogg's YUM campaign
The Williamson Group - A Cowan Company - Brantford
Bishop Strachan School - Toronto
Access Abilities
Honeychurch Lane - Elora
Soft Choice
Creative Twist - Canadian Special Events Live!
British American Business Council - Chicago
Tacoma Musical Playhouse
Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania
T1 - Air Miles
Sherwood Motors
Oban Inn, Spa & Restaurant
Poundridge General Store
The Mendocino Country Store
Sweet Candy + Gifts
Ed Marketing - All Weather Windows
HR Certification Institute
Ed Marketing - VETS Metal
Underscore Creative
Scarborough General Hospital
Ideal Property
Corporate Gift Services / The Hettema Group - California
TD Insurance - Toronto
Banque Nationale du Canada
Asta Corp
Brevard Zoo, Florida

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