DIY Cracker Kits Christmas | "Red Christmas Birds"
  • DIY Christmas Cracker Kit decorated with birds on a deep rose background with ribbon, snaps, jokes, instructions.
  • Christmas themed paper hat crowns.
  • Christmas Cracker Jokes
  • Red, gold, yellow and white ribbon for tying DIY Christmas Crackers.
  • Printed instructions for Christmas Cracker kits.

DIY Cracker Kits Christmas | "Red Christmas Birds"

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Christmas Cracker Kits

Make your own custom "Red Christmas Birds" Christmas Crackers with our easy to assemble Cracker Kit. 1 kit makes 6 crackers.

Fill your own Christmas crackers

Everything you need is in the kit - wraps, hats, jokes, snaps and ribbon. Just add your own gifts and messages to personalize your party crackers.

Overall cracker size once constructed:
:: Approx: 8" long
:: Treat Tube Size: 3" long x 2" diameter

:: 6 Wraps
:: 6 Snaps
:: 6 Jokes
:: 6 Paper Hats - Variety
:: Pre-Measured Ribbon
:: Instructions

During the off-season months, Jan to Sept, we ship DIY Cracker Kits on Tuesdays only. They are sent via Canada Post, First Class Mail. This service does not include tracking.

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