"Kitty Face" Crackers
  • Cat Christmas Crackers decorated with kitty faces and fish bones. Brown Cats on blue background.
  • Cat Activity sheets with cat-themed jokes, trivia, charades, puzzles and games
  • A picture of a calico cat with the words:  "My name is Grendle and I give these crackers my 4 paws up approval.
  • Cat Joke:  Question - what do you call a cat who eats lemons?  Answer - A Sour Puss!

"Kitty Face" Crackers

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Cat Christmas Crackers

We know felines are mighty particular so we have searched everywhere for the very best cat nip available. The result? Our Elves' "Cat Christmas Crackers" are Kitty tested and received a 2 Paws Up!

Each Cat Christmas Cracker contains: 
:: Colourful Toy Mouse
:: A Kitty Activity Sheet with cat jokes, trivia, charades, puzzles and poems.
:: A Paper Hat just for Kitty.


Crackers are sold individually so that you may choose the exact number you require.  

Orders placed now will be shipped for December 2019 Christmas delivery. 

NOTE: We will put a snap in each Cat Christmas Cracker this year. Please use caution. Make sure that your cats enjoy their crackers under your family's supervision.  

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