Origami Party Crackers
  • Rainbow Plaid Party Crackers with an origami project.
  • Origami Paper and Instructions
  • Rainbow coloured paper hat crowns for party crackers.
  • Party Activity Sheets with games, puzzles, jokes, trivia and charades.

Origami Party Crackers

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It is quite intriguing to see origami shapes take form and life from a flat square sheet of paper. Create flowers, penguins, hearts and cabbage worms! Each from just a single sheet of paper! 

The Cracker Elves have found some 'easy to medium' hard origami projects for novice paper folders with relatively easy to follow instructions for all to follow. After you have made your origami piece, switch projects with someone else and try another one!  Recommended for adults and older children.

Each Cracker contains:
:: Origami Paper
:: Project Instructions
:: Paper Hat
:: 1 Mini Activity sheet with joke, trivia, charades, poems, puzzles and conversation starters.

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