Rainy Day Activity Crackers
  • Rainy Day Activity Crackers filled with games, puzzles and activities. Decorated with deer and pine trees.
  • Rainbow Coloured Paper Crowns
  • Coloured marbles
  • Origami paper and project instructions.
  • Christmas cracker activity sheets filled with games and puzzles.

Rainy Day Activity Crackers

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Oh, those rainy summer days when you are a kid. Remember?  My best friend, Sandy, and I would go back and forth: "What do you want to do today?"  "I don't know. What do YOU want to do?"  "I don't know. Don't YOU know?!"  And on it would go til finally we would find something to do!

The Elves have a fun cracker for Rainy Days filled with puzzles and games, marbles to throw and origami creatures to fold. Order some today to keep on hand for those days when a special treat is called for!

Crackers Contain:
- Bag of Marbles
- Marble Game Instructions
- 1 Origami Project with 2 papers and instructions.
- Activity Sheet with a joke, charade, word search, maze and other fun.
- 1 Treat

- Paper Hat

NOTE: Available for delivery May through to August 31st only.  May be pre-ordered throughout the rest of the year.

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