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Family Crackers for
4th of July Parties

4th of July fun for the entire family - for cottage, at home parties, camping, family reunions and backyard picnics!

Each Cracker Contains:
:: USA Activity Sheets with joke, trivia, 4th of July charade, conversation starter and puzzles.
:: 1 Paper Hat (A mix of Red & Blue)
:: 1 USA 4th of July FAQ card
:: 1 Balloon
:: 1 "Kooky" Fortune
:: 1 Fortune Telling Fish
:: 1 Werthers Caramel Candy

Each Shipping Box Contains:
:: Summer Camp Songs
:: Sheet with 3 Relay Games

Our Party Crackers are priced individually rather than by the box so that you may purchase the exact number you require for your special occasion. 4th of July Party Crackers

There will be one shipping date:  June 15th