Baby Shower Party Crackers

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Baby Shower / Gender Reveal
Cracker Fun

Enjoy all the fun packed into the Elves' new Baby Shower / Gender Reveal Crackers. Filled with games, jokes and puzzles all themed around the bundle of love who will be soon making an appearance! Great for Showers and Birth or Gender Reveal Announcements.

Cracker Contents:
::  1 "Mum's the Word" game card
::  1 Baby-themed Activity sheet with trivia, charades & games.
::  1 Pretty Paper Hat
::  1 Baby Novelty

The box also includes:
:: Game Instructions
:: 1 Sand Timer

Allow about 10 days to 2 weeks for your order to arrive at your home if you live in Canada or the USA.  Longer if you live in Mexico or outside of North America.

How to Play "Mum's the Word":

  • Split the group into two teams
  • A player from team 1 draws a card and describes the top word without saying it or the words below
  • If the other players on team 1 can guess the word on the card before time runs out, they get 1 point
  • Teams switch off until all the cards are drawn
  • The team with the most points wins!