Birthday Party Crackers | "Origami Projects"

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Origami Party Crackers

These #1 Favourites with Elves' Best customers contain everything required to make 1 colourful piece of origami with a different project packed into every cracker. Finished yours? Time to trade your project with someone else's to build another animal, fish or flower!

Each Cracker Contains:
:: 1 Origami Project Instructions
:: 6 Pieces of Origami Paper - 3" square
:: 1 Paper Hat
:: 1 "Kooky" Fortune
:: 1 Roll of Rockets
:: All-Occasion Activity Sheets

Allow 1-3 weeks for delivery within Canada & the USA. Longer for international orders.

Our Origami Party Crackers are shipped from Jan 2nd through to August 15th only. They are not available at other times of the year. Get them while they last!

Quality, Fun, Variety ~ Distinctive Poppers handmade by the Cracker Elves.