Today's Silly Cracker Joke: ~ Q: "What goes ho-ho whoosh, ho-ho whoosh?" A: "Santa caught in a revolving door!"

Campfire Party Crackers

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Party Crackers
for Family Campfire Games

Whether your next campfire is in the deep woods, on the beach at the cottage or closer to home in your own backyard, the Elves have you covered for campfire entertainment fun!  Songs, rounds, games, ghost stories, treats and recipes!

Cracker Contents:
1 Short Story (either a ghost story, poem or fun tale to read out loud)
1 Riddle - great for guessing round the campfire!
1 Summertime Charade
1 Conversation Starter
1 'Kooky Fortune'
1 Welch's Fruit Mini or 1 Roll of Rockets

Also Packed into each Carton:
Song Sheets with campfire songs
2 Recipes for make-ahead campfire treats (Banana Boats & Granola Bars)
1 Interactive Campfire Story, "How the Moon, Stars & the Sun got put into the Sky"

1 Relay Word Game

Our Party Crackers are made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping to reach your house in the USA or Canada.  4-5 Weeks for shipping outside of North America.

Available for shipping April 30th to August 31st only.  May be pre-ordered throughout the rest of the year.