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Canada Day Crackers | "The Beaver"

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Party Crackers for
Canada Day

July 1st and the start of summertime for many ... Time to get the party going! The Elves have great party crackers for you filled with Canadian quizzes, jokes and games. And some little known FAQs about Canada. Blow up a balloon, enjoy a smoooooth maple candy or discover your 'Kooky Fortune'!  Happy Birthday, Canada!

- Paper Hat

- 1 Maple Candy
- 1 tiny Canadian Flag
- 1 Canada Day Balloon
- 1 Canada Day Activity Sheet with: Canadian History FAQ, charade, conversation starter and puzzles, the"I Am Canadian" Rant and jokes only Canadians will understand!
- 'Kooky' Fortune
- Cracker Snap

$25.00 / Box of 5

Canada Day Crackers are made to order.
ALL Canada Day orders will be shipped out June 10th. 
Please order before June 1st to ensure availability.