Cat Christmas Crackers |"Kitty Couture!"

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Cat Christmas Crackers

What will the best dressed Kitty be wearing this Christmas?  His or Her very own elegant Neck Bow which will be worn while dining on the very best Cat Nip the Elves can find!  Merry Christmas, Kitty!

Cat Christmas Cracker Contain: 
:: Neck Bow
:: Cat Nip
:: A Kitty Activity Sheet with cat jokes, trivia, charades, puzzles & poems.
:: A Paper Hat just for Kitty.


Crackers are sold individually so that you may choose the exact number you require.  

Orders placed now will be shipped November 2019 for Christmas delivery. If ordering for a birthday or adoption party, please leave a message with your order to indicate the date required.

NOTE: We will put a snap in each Cat Christmas Cracker. Please use caution - not all cats like loud noises! Make sure that your cats enjoy their crackers under your family's supervision.