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Christmas Crackers | "A Very British Christmas"

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English Christmas Crackers

Longing for a taste of a British Christmas?

Your Cracker Elves have just the Crackers for you filled with British treats, games and even English Breakfast Tea!  The "Very British Christmas"  Crackers are a lovely gift for a British Ex-Pat family / colleagues / clients or for anyone who loves all things British.  This cracker variety features knitted stocking ornaments, And, oh, did we mention? They're FUN!  Some terrific Dickens quotes top off the entertainment along with a selection of English Parlour games.

RE: English Puddings:  This year we won't be offering the English puddings as part of a cracker gift set. However if you are interested in including some with your order, please leave a message in the shopping cart for us (not by email please - we don't want to lose your request!)  The Christmas Pudding - Serves 2-4 depending on whether it is served alone or with icecream. A delicious Christmas pudding steamed with juicy sultanas, raisins, currants and cider. This pudding does very well in the microwave providing is it not overcooked!

Each Cracker Contains:
:: 1 Union Jack Knitted Mini Stocking Ornament (4.7" long)
:: 1 Mini Union Jack Flag
:: British Themed Party Confetti
:: 1 Humbug   
:: 1 Tea Bag (English Breakfast)
:: 1 Charles Dickens Christmas Quote or Trivia
:: 1 Paper Hat
:: Christmas Activity Sheets with joke, charade, puzzles, English Parlour Games

Each shipping box contains:
:: 1 Set of "Forfeits" for English Parlour Games
:: A Brief Description of the Victorian Christmas
:: 1 Christmas Trivia Sheet

The price is for 1 cracker. 

Very limited unless we can source more of the Union Jack Stockings. Our supplier is out! We bought them all!

Orders placed now will be shipped for NOVEMBER 2019 Christmas delivery.