Christmas Crackers | Holiday Neckties

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These Christmas Crackers are for those folks who really love to get into the spirit of fun for the holidays. With a cute necktie tucked into every one along with games, puzzles, jokes, our famous hats and a little piece of Fair Trade chocolate this cracker delivers on family fun and laughter. The Elves wish we could be there to join in your merriment! Enjoy!  PLEASE NOTE:  This sale cracker may be wrapped in a Christmas design different than the one displayed.

Each Cracker Contains: 
:: 1 Holiday Necktie
:: 1 Paper Hat 
:: Mini Activity sheets with holiday joke, trivia, charades & puzzles

Each Shipping Box Contains: 
:: 1 Trivia sheet to enjoy on Christmas Eve

Just one necktie order being place in June so once they are gone, we won't be able to get more of them.

Price is for ONE Christmas Cracker

Shipping on this product BEGINS January 20th, 2020 once the Elves' Workshop re-opens. Please only order if you require this item AFTER mid-February