Christmas Crackers | "Holiday Pyramids"

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Perky Pyramid Christmas Crackers!

Well we saw these cute pyramids at our suppliers and we Elves knew they would make GREAT Christmas Crackers.  So we have converted them to add our snaps which are folded underneath. Just lift the tape and spread the ends of the snaps out. Hold on tight and then shout:  One. Two. Three. PULL! Merry Christmas!  We thought you might enjoy something a little different this year. Elf Gillian thinks they would be great for office parties and corporate Christmas dinners. Adorable stocking stuffers too!

Design Choices:
::  Tiny Green Trees
::  Deer
::  Santa

Each Christmas Cracker Contains:
:: 2 Delicious, fresh Chocolates
:: 1 Festive Paper Hat
:: 1 Activity Sheet filled with jokes, puzzles, trivia and charades.

Price is for ONE Christmas Cracker

Each Shipping Box Contains: 
:: 1 Holiday Booklet "Waiting for Christmas" with poems, games, recipes & puzzles

Most of our more popular cracker varieties start selling out by autumn. Please order early so that your favourite choices will be available for your family this Christmas.

Orders placed in July will be shipped for early December 2020 delivery.  After July, it is then 'First come; First served' until Christmas.