Christmas Crackers | "Pirate's Bowling Game" - Set of 6

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This Pirate Bowling game is loads of fun!  Perfectly sized for playing on a card or dining table. Brightly painted, smooth wooden pins make this a fun game for the whole party - while drinking cocoa or toddies. The Elves will add 1 Wood Pirate Whistle into the shipping box along with your crackers in case someone needs to blow the whistle on this game!  Your Pirate Bowling Game will continue to offer fun year-round, at home and away at the cottage!  Take the set over to Grandma and Grandpa's house to have a game with them! As with everything the Elves sell, the wooden bowling pieces are of good workmanship, sporting a high quality, bright paint finish.

Each Christmas Cracker Contains: 
:: 1 Pin or Bowling Ball (The Pins are just over 3" High)
:: 1 Festive Paper Hat 
:: 1 Fresh, Delicious Chocolate
:: Mini Activity sheets with holiday joke, trivia, charades & puzzles

Each Shipping Box Contains: 
::  1 Pirate Wood Whistle
:: 1 Holiday Booklet "Waiting for Christmas" with poems, games, recipes & puzzles

Price is for 1 set of 6 Christmas Crackers

Most of our more popular cracker varieties start selling out by autumn. Please order early so that your favourite choices will be available for your family this Christmas.

Orders placed in July will be shipped for early December 2020 delivery.  After those earlier orders, it is then 'First come; first served'.  

Gift Delivery:
If you are purchasing this item for a gift you wish to have delivered to the Giftee, please order separately and ensure we have the correct mailing address.  This Cracker variety is available for shipping within Canada and the USA only.