Cottage Party Crackers | "Family Word Scramble"
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Kooky Fortunes for party crackers featuring prophesy, wisdom and lucky numbers.
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Cottage Party Crackers | "Word Scramble"

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Party Crackers
for the Cottage

Here is a great word-building game for people who like to test their vocabularies! Everybody tosses their die onto the table at the same time and then races to make as many words as they can from the available letters before the sand timer runs out!  

Cracker Contents:
1 Foam Die
1 Activity Sheet with jokes, games & puzzles
1 'Kooky Fortune'
1 Roll of Rockets

Also Packed into each Carton:
1 Sand Timer
1 Golf Pencil per cracker
2 Pencil sharpeners

Minimum Order:
5 Crackers

Our Party Crackers are made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping to reach your house in the USA or Canada.  4-5 Weeks for shipping outside of North America.

Available for shipping April 30th to August 31st only.  May be pre-ordered throughout the rest of the year.